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Anger To Action
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"Anger To Action is a 'must have' manual for all genuine patriots true in the cause of Freedom."
Steven Reagan Myers; Founder and Operations Director of the T.E.A. Party TIME Network (Tea Party)
 “… in our society too much is hidden from public view. If you want to understand the course and direction being taken for America so you can be prepared, reading this book is critical.”
Larry Becraft : Constitutional Lawyer, Libertarian, and
Radio Talk Show Host: Liberties Hammer and Anvil on ‘The Micro Effect’

George Barry; 2013 Alabama Republican Executive Committee, and 2008 Republican US House of Representatives Candidate
Les Philip; Republican US House of Representatives Candidate 2010,
ex- Navy Pilot,
“… I liked it… right on target…finally someone that stands for truth and tells it like it is – or should be”
‘ If you care… for the United States… you must read this book. It… tells you how we got here and what we need to do to correct [our problems]. It covers religion, politics, economics, and the rise of socialism and the demise of the Constitutional Republic… [and] gives us a road map of how to regain what has been lost.
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The Madison Institute Association
We do. This book shows how our public servants have made themselves our royal masters.
"How Government Turned on it's People, and How to Stop It... "
"We Dare to Defend Our Freedoms..."
Anger To Action is available from just about every major book distributor throughout the world. You can order it through with the link provided.
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Do  You  Ever  Feel Like  Screaming  Out Loud at  Our Government?
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This past election has shown us that the two dominant political parties are not up to the task of restoring our Constitution and someone needs to apply some adult supervision in Washington. The Republican Party brazenly stole Ron Paul (Libertarian Republican) delegates and Democrats booed mentioning God in the party planks... When is ‘Enough Enough’?

We need to decide whether our country will survive after 'The Crash'; and if it will still be free afterwards. Anger To Action was designed to restore and maintian our liberties... whether 'The Crash' comes or not. It is available on and other major book outlets; and also in Kindle format. However, The Madison Institute Association is offering a discount to visitors of this website for a limited time. Go to and enter this Discount Code: DQJHNHLS.
Are you tired of this Administration's lies, the IRS / Tea Party scandal, Fast and Furious coverup, the murder of Stephen Hayes in Benghazi, and a never ending attack on the American People? These are symptoms of fundamental problems afflicting the US, and we need a way to fix them.

This isn't a book that gripes and leaves you wondering what to do. We tell you how things in government really work and what needs to be done to fix it. Anger to Action is the first no nonsense, bare knuckled response to the actions of our incompetent elected officials who are ruining our country.
Understanding American Corruption, Debt, and Inflation... and What is Needed to Restore the Republic
... is a tale of American greed, power, and corruption - and a manual on how to (REALLY) fix our government. You will no longer wonder who controls the power, why politically correct policies defy all reason, and what needs to be done to restore our Constitutional govenment.
This is a Tour de' Force of American Patriotism and Independence. Written by Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Party activists, and Constitutional Christains this book is extremely well researched and referenced, and tells it like it is. It names names and puts the finger on the bad guys. It even gives props to the left, where paise is due. There is no sacred cow left standing.

After reading this book you will look at American politics very differently - and not be fooled again. You will no longer wonder why your choice of canddates is a 'Lesser of two evils', or who the soverign nation of The United States owes all that money to.

This book will empower you. It will change your view of everthing political...
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